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Megan is a junior stylist who has been doing hair for two years. She began her career as a salon coordinator, a position that inspired her to take up the trade. After graduating from the John Casablancas Institute she became a senior stylist at BLO Dry Bar. Currently, she is a part time personal assistant to Nadia Domany as she builds her own clientele. Megan’s diverse training makes her a well-rounded talent whose specialties range from tape extensions to long hair balage. She feels intimacy and trust in her relationships with clients, and this closeness gives her the opportunity to make people feel beautiful, which inspires her to be at her best every day. Her favourite thing about working at Life & Colour is that it’s an endless learning experience. Her co-workers inspire her and support her growth.

Life & Colour is an ideal workplace for her because it gives her a sense of family and community. Megan believes the most important thing in life is to do what it takes to be happy, and the foundation of this is to love your work.